King Salmon’s Surprise Reign in Muir Woods

A record-breaking storm drew dozens of huge, spawning fish into a small creek at the heart of Muir Woods. They unleashed a flood of questions. 

New Research Tests a Common Assumption about Protecting Birds

A recent study sheds light on the value of protected areas like national parks for conserving wild birds, with some surprising results. 

West Coast National Parks Work with NOAA to Better Understand Ocean Acidification in the Rocky Intertidal and Beyond

On the surface, the Pacific Ocean might look like one big, homogeneous body of water. In fact, ocean conditions vary in all kinds of ways. 


Petrified Forest National Park: A Place for Birds

Please join us as we tell the story of birds in Petrified Forest—from their dinosaur ancestors, to their recognition by ancient peoples, to what we are discovering about them in the park today.

Fossil Footprints Across Our Parks

Body fossils can tell us about where ancient animals died, but trace fossils can tell us how ancient animals lived. Today you can walk in parks where ancient animals walked. You can see their footprints and other impressions they left behind.

San Francisco Bay Area Network 2019 Long-term Monitoring Updates

Discover key highlights from the 2019 San Francisco Bay Area Network monitoring season along with striking photos, interactive maps, annotated graphs, audio recordings, and more.

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